Our Mission: to enhance the collective impact of member agencies' services to children & families.

Established in 1979 and officially incorporated in 1980, The Coalition for Family & Children’s Services in Iowa (The Coalition) stands as a committed advocate for the well-being of children and families statewide. Our inception was rooted in the belief that a collaborative approach is essential to bring about change. We aim to enhance quality services and impact public policy for the well-being of Iowan children and families and the agencies that serve them.

Join us in our ongoing journey to empower voices, transform futures, and continue to be the unwavering force for the betterment of Iowan families and children.

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The Coalition also houses the Child Welfare Provider Training Academy (The CWPTA). The CWPTA, established in 2008, is where excellence in training meets the commitment to creating a safer and more supportive environment for children and families. We are a dynamic partnership between the Iowa Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and The Coalition, working tirelessly to empower child welfare frontline workers and supervisors through comprehensive training programs.