In Summer 2019, the Coalition received a grant from the Mid-Iowa Health Foundation to work towards Transformational Change within the child welfare system. Through this work, the Vision Council, a public/private partnership, was created to move forward the goals of the grant. The Vision Council is guided through a Results Based Accountability model by Marlo Nash, independent consultant. 

The work is data driven to determine best results for Iowa's kids and families. The Council and invited professionals engaged in a culture inventory to determine current and ideal culture. From the results, a "From-To" shift was developed to help guide the work of the Vision Council. 

 2021-2022 Vision Council Members

Vision Council North Star Outcome: Families Children  in Iowa are safe, secure, healthy and well in their communities.

Leadership Development Program

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Please feel to reach out to Kelli Soyer, Associate Director, with questions regarding the Vision Council.