In Summer 2019, the Coalition received a grant from the Mid-Iowa Health Foundation to work towards Transformational Change within the child welfare system. Through this work, the Vision Council, a public/private partnership, was created to move forward the goals of the grant. The Vision Council is guided through a Results Based Accountability model by Marlo Nash, the National Director of Partnerships and Policy with Saint Francis Ministries. 

The work is data driven to determine best results for Iowa's kids and families. The Council and invited professionals engaged in a culture inventory to determine current and ideal culture. From the results, a "From-To" shift was developed to help guide the work of the Vision Council. 

2020-2021 Vision Council Members

Vision Council North Star Outcome: Children & Families in Iowa are safe, secure, healthy and well in their communities.

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Please feel to reach out to Kelli Soyer, Associate Director, with questions regarding the Vision Council.