Child Welfare Provider Training Academy Training(s)

The Training Academy has maintained quality content and trainers since its inception in 2008. Between December of 2021 and January of 2023, the Training Academy's participant surveys showed a satisfaction rate for trainings including:

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Popular Courses

Below is a list of frequently sought-after trainings provided by the Child Welfare Provider Training Academy. In order to register for any of the below trainings, go to our calendar to find our next scheduled training. 

Basics & Beyond: Connecting Engagement & Interventions in Families Affected by SUD

This workshop will build worker's knowledge, understanding, and application of working with families affected by Substance Use Disorder(s) (SUD) and knowledge of assessment, screening, and drug testing. They will gain and apply effective strategies for engaging families in relationship building, case planning, and supporting SUD treatment options.  


Mental Health Fundamentals

Attendees will learn about the connection between genetics, environments, and lifestyles in the development of a mental health condition; techniques to assist clients to replace maladaptive behaviors with positive ones; and skills to de-escalate clients experiencing a mental health crisis.

crisisRelax, it’s Only a Crisis

Caseworkers and direct care staff will learn how to better manage their affective response. The course will cover the use of a more detailed self-care plan. Participants in this training will learn about issues regarding teamwork, unit culture, and administration’s role in crisis management.

SUDSubstance Use Disorder Basics

Participants will learn how to recognize behaviors associated with substance use and identification of paraphernalia. The course will identify the data relating to the involvement of families living with substance use disorders and their involvement in the child welfare system.