Member Services and Benefits

Value on Investment Statement

Investing in the Coalition for Family & Children's Services in Iowa (The Coalition) goes beyond monetary returns. The Value on Investment (VOI) extends to encompass the frequently overlooked and unexpected benefits of membership, offering comprehensive advocacy, valuable workgroups and information sharing, and an extensive array of resources; all to support and amplify the impact of your membership with the Coalition. 


The Coalition serves as a collective and expert voice, advocating for quality services in child welfare, juvenile justice, and children’s mental health and well-beingOur staff possess a deep understanding of these services, strategically influencing various aspects of the human services network, including legislative and state entities, as well as private providers and funding sources.     

The Coalition actively engages with the legislature, representing the voice of kids and families along with member services and fundingOur grassroots advocacy studies the trends and data to proactively ensures the needs of children and families and our members are championed daily.   

We provide input on policies and programs to state agencies, fostering partnerships with entities like the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Juvenile Court Services (JCS), Children’s Justice, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Mental Health & Disability Services (MHDS) Regions, and Iowa Department of Education.  

We have successfully worked with legislators to provide rate increases for child welfare services and workforce while continuing partnerships with state and local agencies to positively impact our members. Visit our legislative advocacy webpage to learn more. 


Our members collaborate through diverse workgroups focusing on child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health, and substance useThese workgroups offer a platform for information sharing, problem-solving, and networking with state leadershipRegular meetings and collaboration ensure collective exchange of ideas and solutions with each other alongside partners and stakeholders.   

 Information Sharing

The Coalition prioritizes information sharing through regular communications, reports, and whitepapersMembers receive updates on state fiscal and policy issues, legislative updates, and key program initiativesThis ensures our members are well-informed about critical issues affecting their organizations and the children and families they serve.   


The Coalition provides an extensive array of resources and support services, including educational and training programs.  Our critical relationships with national and state organizations within the human services network offer valuable insightMembers also benefit from troubleshooting support on issues related to payments, licensure, and contracts.    

Other Valuable Member Benefits

  • 15% discount on Relias
  • 25% discount on Council of Accreditation (COA) accreditation fees

Contact us to learn more about member benefits you can receive through your membership with The Coalition.