Embark on a journey of shared progress and impactful returns with the Coalition for Family & Children's Services 2024 Advocacy Statement.  In 2024, we are not just updating, but continuing to transform the way we champion the cause for family and children's well-being.  

Witness the Power of Progress:  This statement captures the collective strides we have made, illuminating the positive changes that combined efforts have brought to countless lives.  

Investing in Tomorrow:  Our call to action extends beyond updates.  We are championing a request to recalibrate our Child Welfare Emergency Shelter Rates.  By doing so, we are not just investing in statistics, but we are investing in the future of countless youth.  

Fostering Change Beyond numbers and graphs, this statement resonates with our request to increase investments in foster families.   Join us as we strive to provide better support and resources to those who open their hearts and homes.   

Cope Murphy + Co.

It is inspiring to see the dedication of members along with our advocacy team and other stakeholders in working towards the betterment of family and children in Iowa.  Effective advocacy plays a crucial role in shaping policies and ensuring the needs of families are met.  Our advocacy team cannot do it without you!  Your work as an advocate is crucial to motivating legislators and other stakeholders.  

If you want to join our journey, please contact Executive Director, Kristie Oliver!